Preaching street football on TV

With the match Sweden – The Netherlands right around the corner, one of the biggest stars in Dutch football commented on the way the national team is playing right now. Wesley Sneijder commented how times have changed for Dutch football. His explanation for the decline of quality of football is the absence of street football. Children are not playing on the streets anymore, which has negative consequences for the state of professional level football.

Editie NL, a Dutch TV program, visited World Champion Jeand Doest to find out his opinion on the matter. Of course, Jeand was more than happy to participate and took the opportunity to stress the importance of street football.

Jeand spoke about the current state of Dutch football. The players don’t enjoy the game anymore, it has become such a tactical and well thought-through game. Losing is never an option when you come from the streets and that ‘street mentality’ is missing. Losing a game meant you couldn’t play again that day on that pitch. You just had to win!