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Jeand is always ready to go!


Bring the fantastic energy of the fast-paced game of panna to your event! Jeand Doest will show his very best skills and he will invite people to come and try to play against him. The Panna is the ultimate “WOOOW!”-moment, and it will surely get the crowd hyped up! Jeand does not need much space to deliver on this concept.

He can bring two foldable goals for a small panna setup or a complete panna cage included with branded beach flags and banners, and everything in between.


Easy man is the perfect addition to any event, big or small, corporate or otherwise.
If Jeand is there, he will surely get everybody to play against him. We could discuss the possibilities of adding Jeand and a panna cage to an already existing event, or organize an event from A to Z for you. No matter what or where, the King of Panna
will always get people to have a good time.


Always wanted to know how it feels to give a panna like Jeand? He will teach you everything there is to know about giving the perfect Panna. This could serve as the perfect interactive intermission during football tournaments and public events and just as well as a teambuilding exercise for corporate events.


With his style and looks, Jeand is someone who leaves an impression everywhere. He became famous worldwide because of his skills and because of the way he presents himself. He reaches a rapidly growing audience online and offline during the many events he visits.

Collaborate with Jeand to reach your target audience in a unique way like so many other brands have done before you. Jeand is well suited for commercials and on- and offline marketing. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of a tailor made marketing concept, especially for you.

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